Why CGENcore?

Date: 19 November 2018, 10:11

In this information letter, we'd like to answer questions from investors, including that:

Why is so necessary to launch swap CGEN to CGENcore with MasterNoda right now?

1️⃣ CGEN coin will be mined about 90% by the end of 2018. You can check it here: (Coin Supply - 18.8 billion and Max Supply - 22.55 billion, which is already 83%). CGEN premine was 55% in Q1 of 2018 and there were reasons for it. CGENcore premine will be minimal - only 2%.

❔ Do you think that will provide long lifespan for the coin?

2️⃣ Technologies does not stand still and we should not! We should to develop, to be aware of the most advanced trends and to apply the best ones, because our investors have put us in trust! Masternody is a strong trend in PoS mining around the world.

Check it yourself: service (see picture above)

As soon as CGENcore will be listed on such services, it will attract the attention of new investors from different countries.

❔How do you think where the price will go?

3️⃣ The new CGENcore code will allow programmers to launch easy a convenient WEB-wallet for you. So you can send coins from anywhere in the world without a computer with the wallet. In addition, iOS and Android wallets will be launch for your smartphones.

❔ Do you want to get it for free?

4️⃣ The new CGENcore code will allow to holders use their computer without of mining by transferring wallet to a remote server.

❔ Do you agree that it is extremely convenient?

5️⃣ The new CGENcore code will remove occasional errors and failures of the old CGEN wallet.

❔ Would you like to sleep well without worrying about your coins?

6️⃣ Masternod sale will allow many of you to earn an additional amount by the Chrismas due to referral 10% for a recommendation (only for one level).

❔Are you ready to start?

Price for Masternodes CGENcore:

❎ MasterNoda: 0.1 BTC or 100 000 CGENcore.

❎❎ SuperNoda: 0.5 BTC or 500 000 CGENcore.

❎❎❎ UltraNoda: 1 BTC or 1 000 000 CGENcore.

⚜ Mind that the first who launch their Masternodes are those who first transfer their CGEN to their personal account for SWAP.

⚜ Also, the first who launch their Masternodes are those who will buy a new CGENcore coin in their personal accounts for BTC.

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