Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Date: 6 August 2018, 19:08

Sometimes world gives a man a legend. His biography is a mixture of truth and fiction. Shakespeare, Nostradamus, Cagliostro, Casanova, Vanga ...

The XXI century is the age of Satoshi Nakamoto. He managed to do a truly incredible thing: to shake the cornerstone of the economy - the monetary system. He created bitcoin. Created - and disappeared. Was he a real person? New versions are appearing every year, they are put forward by journalists, special services, bloggers, and ordinary users. But none of them has yet been confirmed.

And how to do it, even if the name Satoshi (or Satoshi) Nakamoto has several explanations. Most often it is interpreted as "wise", and the surname is translated as "internal source".

The first appearance of Satoshi

In public space, he appeared suddenly (well not exactly him as a person)) : in 2008, during the global financial crisis, his article appeared, which described a fundamentally new means of payment - crypto currency, bitcoin. The new money could not be faked, frozen on the account, controlled their movement, hacked, confiscated. Therefore, when Nakamoto launched the first peer to peer payment system in 2009, hundreds of thousands of participants soon joined it. But a year later Nakamoto transferred the domain of to the co-developers of the network, and soon announces that he is now interested in more important things, and since then nothing has been heard of him.

How to find Nakamoto?

The search for the father of the first crypto currency began almost immediately. All his correspondence was scrupulously analyzed, the network code was thoroughly disassembled. However, it was only possible to find out that Satoshi Nakamoto is unlikely to be a Japanese man born in 1972 or 1975: his English is immaculate, his messages in Japanese have not been found, and the software is not localized in Japan. There was not even the slightest mention of parents and family.

Who was not appointed for this role!

The first was the American cryptographer and professor of economics, Nick Szabo, who actively published articles on his e-currency development until 2008. And then he stopped – and interestingly he did not comment the appearance of bitcoin. It's amazing that Nakamoto mentions a lot of developers, but I've never heard of such a famous scientist.

A journalist from a popular American weekly has found a mysterious genius in California. Which very surprised the quiet elderly member of the Dorian Prensis family Satoshi Nakamoto. He had to make an official statement that he knew about the existence of bitcoin only after his sudden glory.

Is this Charlie Satoshi Nakamoto?

I got into the lists of applicants and the developer of alternative crypto currency - lightcoin - Charlie Lee. The author of this theory justified it by the fact that the first of the altcoins (alternative coins came after bitcoin) was created suspiciously quickly. In his opinion, bitcoin was a trial ball for Lee, and he therefore preferred a beautiful pseudonym.

Not without impostors. The Australian Craig Wright came to the attention of journalists thanks to his eccentricity, which they believed was necessary for the realization of such a grandiose project. He had already completely convinced everyone of his innocence with the bitcoin, when he suddenly changed his mind and decided to confess. Probably, also because he was suspected of fraud and hoped to attract investments under a loud name. But the evidence presented to them, the scientific community found unreliable.

Nakamoto is the Mask?

There are also exotic hypotheses. Ilon Mask was also suspected as a bitcoin creator. Also one Estonian scientist and several electronics companies at once, deriving this name from the abbreviation of their names. The NSA even suggested that it was a Chinese or Russian agent. The oil poured into the fire and Nakamoto himself, commenting on his own searches with short messages like "We are all Satoshi" and continuing the mining. His fortune has already amounted to about one and a half million bitcoins, and this keeps all the owners of the crypto currency in suspense: if he wants to get rid of his savings - and the destabilization of the system is inevitable.

But whoever this unknown unknown person is, he will forever remain a man who has changed the world.

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