SWAP Roadmap for CGEN

SWAP Roadmap for CGEN

Date: 17 November 2018, 20:11

✳️Step 1.

November 20 (2018) - Start for WAITING-list with priority.

✳️Step 2.

December 1 (2018) - Launch the first Masternodes for testing.

✳️Step 3.

December 7-10 (2018) - Masternodes listing on exchanges and services.

✳️Step 4.

December 10 (2018) - Release Masternodes to holders according to priority of WAITING-list.

✳️Step 5.

Middle of December (2018) - Release of CGENcore for PoS Mining, to holders who don't have enough coin for the Masternode. CGENcore is available now on any exchanges for buying and Masternodes launching.

✳️Step 6.

December 25 (2018) - End for SWAP. Only the new coin CGENcore will be supported at the future.

More details for is here:
Step 1. November 20, 2018 - Start for WAITING-list with priority.

✅CGENcore coin will be available for buying exchange only after finish successful testing (approximately from middle of December 2018).

✅SWAP (exchange) will be done with ratio of 1: 100 (1 CGENcore per 100 CGEN).

✅It will be released 3 types of Masternodes - with different price and different ROI. The price for the smallest Masternode is 100 000 CGENcore (10 000 000 CGEN).

✅There is only one way to be the first - you have to hold at least 10 000 000 CGEN in your wallet right now. That allow you to be the first in line, to get a new coin and to launch your Masternodes for mining.

✅Starting from November 20 (2018) you have to withdraw all your CGEN to your personal account, and get your position in WAITING list before others. Starting from December 10 (2018) you will get your Masternodes according to priority of WAITING-list.

✅If you have not enough coins (up to 10 million CGEN) right now, you can easy to buy it at the exchange, while the price is minimal.

✅You have also options not to buy or to launch Masternodes at all. You can just have PoS-mining with the amount you will get in SWAP. But Masternode's ROI will be significantly higher compare to PoS-mining.

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