How to get your CGENcore

Date: 20 November 2018, 22:11

Dear CGEN Holders!

To get your CGENcore, you have to do a few easy steps:

1️⃣ Go to the official website:

2️⃣ Click SignUp button in the top menu and go through an easy registration (refferal email is optional). Your password will come to the mail. It can be changed later.

3️⃣ Log in to your account. In the Wallet section you hane to click Exchange button. To take a queue to exchange for CGENcore, send your CGEN to the address listed in the box. After confirming the transaction, CGENcore will displayed in your account.

Please mind that CGENcore coins will be getting by holders gradually according to queue and starting December 11, 2018. The first masternods holders will receive a higher ROI at a certain start time. The algorithm incorporates a decrease ROI with an increase in the number of included Nodes.

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