What is mining?

12.08.2018 | 22:10

We have already learned what crypt, bitcoin, blockchain and examined various crypto-currencies. It's time to learn the meaning of the word linked with some of them. Mining - what is it and why it is possible to earn on mining?

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How Crypto-Currency Exchanges work?

09.08.2018 | 22:09

The difference of the crypto currency market from other currency markets is the absence of any official regulation: the crypto currency exists only on the Internet, it does not have a physical expression, and it has no official circulation.

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Crypto-currencies and coins: Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum

08.08.2018 | 21:47

We continue to study all the new things the world of crypto and blockchain.

Today, we will try to learn a little more about the three most famous crypto-currencies at the moment. And this is bitcoin, ripple and ethereum.

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