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PoS + Masternode


Community Generation (CGEN) - is an ecosystem that aims to help integrate blockchain technologies in modern life


Support best start-ups on our platform via buying and mining CGEN. Become a masternode holder and obtain right to take part in CGEN development and strategy planning.

Come up with an original idea and get financial support from CGEN pool. Or create your own crypto-asset based on CGEN, using our constructor and offer it to investors.

Accept CGEN as a payment method for your products via Web or Mobile wallet. This will attract attention of our huge community.

Monetize your skills and knowledge. Offer your services to start-ups and businesses within the CGEN ecosystem and get rewarded.


  1. Formulate your idea and fill the form on CGEN.Network.
  2. Use our network to find specialists and professionals who would share your idea of development
  3. Present your idea and get approved by masternode holders.
  4. Recieve CGEN to implement product or services and use it to compensate your team’s time and efforts.
  5. Present the final product to the community and recieve CGEN rewards.

Open Source

with GitHub Business

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Open Source with GitHub Business

Proof of stake specifications

Community Generation Core [CGEN Core]

Algorithm: Quark

Max Supply: 10 000 000 000 CGEN

Premine - 2%: 200 000 000 CGEN

Block time: 1 minute

Block cost: 2500 CGEN

Stake min age: 1 hour

For start staking: No minimum balance required

P2P port: 29801

RPC port: 29802

MN collaterar: 500 000 CGEN

Reward structure: 65% MN

Reward structure: 25% POS

Reward structure: 10% CIR (Community Integrations Rewards)

Calculate masternode income

Total MN
10 500

Coin Price: $ 0.0036

Total MN:

Annual Reward: %

Daily Earned: cgen

Daily Income: $

Weekly Earned: $

Monthly Earned: $

Yearly Earned: $

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The Quark hashing algorithm

is based on a one level hash function and does not require a large amount of RAM. It uses a 64-bit protection against attacks by hackers and it known for its low power consumption. It uses six different cryptographic algorithms to make nine levels of encryption

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